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Needs Met.

I Am Woke +  Well Difference

Carefully curated under the guidance of an herbalist, each bar is formulated after a month-long solar oil and herb infusion process. Each recipe is developed for unique skin concerns—cleansing and conditioning in the gentlest way with herbal potency for results you can see and feel.



100% WOKE

Aloe Vera
Essential Oils


Palm Oil-Free

Sun-Infused Herbal Oils

Our herbal oils go through a month-long solar infusion process to ensure you receive maximum potency. The sun’s energy works to extract beneficial parts of the herbs that can’t be obtained by heat alone.

Herbal Teas

Each bar is formulated with a unique herbalist-approved herbal tea blend based on your unique skin concerns. By doubling up on the herbal extracts, you can enjoy the skin benefits of a more concentrated, effective soap bar. 

Plant-Based Additives

From clays to butters, each carefully researched ingredient serves an important role in your skincare routine. Everybody has a unique skin concern so we’ve formulated something to meet your unique needs. 

Rich Superfoods

Turmeric, avocado, oatmeal, and seamoss just to name a few—our bars are blended with rich superfoods so your skin can experience the powerful benefits of antioxidants, exfoliation, luxuriously creamy conditioning lather, and so much more.

Raising the bar with a formula like no other


We don’t cut corners—we explore every opportunity to create the best possible bar for you without regard for how long it takes. At I Am Woke + Well, we don’t believe in sacrificing quality for time. Our slow and intentional approach to the formulation of each recipe ensures we rise above the status quo, setting a new standard for soap bars everywhere.

Specialized soap bars for every body

Our proprietary recipes are made up of over 27 herbalist-approved plant-based ingredients enabling us to formulate specialized bars for various skin needs. Here, there’s something for everyone. 

  • Ingredients
    Organic Olive Oil Organic Coconut Oil Hemp Seed Oil Organic Shea Butter Organic Castor Oil Hemp Oil Silk French Green Clay Fuller’s Earth Clay Red Morroccan Clay Activated Charcoal Lavender Chamomile Calendula Hibiscus Sage Rosemary Rose Petals Essential Oils Oatmeal Aloe Vera Juice Water Aloe Vera Gel Seamoss Avocado Honey Carrots Sodium Lactate Turmeric

Facial Cleanser

I Am Woke + Well Bars are carefully formulated for you, as an individual, targeting your unique skin needs. Not only do they cleanse but they help treat some of your biggest skin concerns as well.

body Wash

Skin is your largest organ so the care it receives should be carefully vetted. Our surfactant-free bars don’t strip your skin of it’s natural oils, rather, it helps removes surface-level dirt so your skin can thrive


Self-Care Ally

Everyone needs time alone—I Am Woke + Well holds space for you to take it, indulge in it, and luxuriate in it. See what a few extra minutes of solitude a day can do for your mental health and productivity.


Soap shouldn’t strip your skin, it should do an equal job of cleansing and moisturizing. Your skin’s balance is key and when it’s off, it can trigger bigger skin concerns—we don’t do that here.

Makeup Remover

You deserve to have your soap work harder for you—enjoy the convenience of having your bars double as your makeup remover (and triple as your brush cleanser). 

Symmadar (Presentation (169)).png
Symmadar (1).png

The Tribe Has Spoken

I was a loyal Dove soap user basically my whole life, it wasn’t until using I Am Woke & Well bars that I realized how dehydrated my skin truly was. After 1 use I didn’t need to apply additional moisture to my skin, and the softness was unmatched. This is my soap of choice from now on, it’s a spa treatment in a box!

 - dry skin no more Brandy, @LetBShootYou


I Am Woke + Well

A soulful awakening

I Am Woke + Well is your self affirmation. It’s your reminder to take ownership of your wellness journey—inclusive of body, mind, and spirit. Redefine for yourself what’s previously been defined for you. 


Enjoy 25% off your Bars with a monthly subscription

We’ll automatically ship you a restock of your previous bar each month so you never have to worry about running out of quality soap again. Simply select the monthly option of your bar(s) of choice at checkout.

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