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Treat Mom to a Spa Day

Every mother knows how difficult it can be to not lose yourself in becoming a mother—especially a new mom. We often battle with wanting time for self and the guilt that comes with it. 

The Mother’s Day Gift Box gives mom the spa-like experience from the comfort of her own home with the choice of enjoying alone, with baby or both. 

Face & Body Wash

Wash alone by choosing a bar of your choice or enjoy with baby using the Baby’s Bar—great for diaper rash.


Refresh with an organic rose petal and cocoa-based mask for smoother, brighter, healthier skin.


While masking, take pleasure in a rejuvenating yoni steam to support a balanced, healthy, happy vagina.


Enjoy a warm, grounding cup of lactation tea to support your body with breast milk production.


Baby & Me Herbal Bath Tea

Herbal baths with my sons is my holy grail—it helps settle them down and sleep better while easing my mind and holding space for us to bond in an intimate way.

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Every Mother’ Day Gift Box has been individually curated, mixed, packaged, wrapped, and wax-sealed with love from one mom to another. 

Happy Mother’s Day
- Symmadar | Wife, Mom, CEO, Herbalist, Human Being


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